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Mens Skin Care Treatment (Face)

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Mens Skin Care Treatment (Face) | Sothys Paris Professional Skin Care

The liquid volcanic rock extraction process uses a technology that makes essential trace elements bio-available directly to the skin cells.
This new 1 hour Sothys Homme treatment includes massage of the scalp, back of the neck and face in an essential treatment to recharge menís natural skin radiance.


1) Following a cleanse and exfoliation phase with the Homme Facial cleanser with micro-grains, the clay-based cleanser is left on the skin as a mask to create a detoxifying, radiance effect. The scalp is massaged with the Homme Vitality Capillary Lotion (vitamin B5 and H, amino acids) to create a tonic effect and help prevent hair loss and dandruff. Followed by hot towels on the face and neck.

2) A professional-only Homme Age Defying Face Serum ampoule with active vegetal complex is then infused and massaged into the skin with a modelling cream adapted for menís skin concerns.

3) This is followed by the application of a personalised Sothys professional mask to suit the skin type.

4) The Homme Age-Defying Hydrating Fluid is applied to complete the treatment. The result is a clearer, smoother more radiant skin with a total sense of relaxation and wellbeing.