Glysalac Skin Preparer
A micro-exfoliating skin wash to assist in rejuvenation of premature ageing and sun-damaged skin as well as oil congested and acne-prone skin.
Glysalac Skin PreparerMore details
REP Repair Balm
A lipid based repairing balm to support skin following exfoliating dermo-esthetic procedures.
REP Repair BalmMore details
CALM Redness Rebalancing Ampoules
CALM Redness Rebalancing Ampoules reduce skin redness following dermo-aesthetic procedures.
CALM Redness Rebalancing AmpoulesMore details
RA Regenerative Ampoules
RA Regenerative Ampoules repair specific zones on the skin following dermo-aesthetic procedures.
RA Regenerative AmpoulesMore details
Desquacrem Forte Microdermabrasion
A magical deep pore cleanser with salicylic acid and rice micro-grains to unclog oil congested skin and brighten premature ageing skin types.
Desquacrem Forte MicrodermabrasionMore details
Bx Wrinkle Corrector
A daily micro-dose of dermo-relaxing peptides to specifically target the formation of expression lines caused by daily facial muscle contractions.
Bx Wrinkle Corrector More details
Regenerative solution
A specially formulated repairing gel to support the skinís regenerative capacity following intensive dermo-esthetic procedures.
Regenerative solution More details
Retinol Dermobooster
A creamy active serum to rejuvenate premature ageing, sun-damaged skin and oil congested, acne-prone skin.
Retinol DermoboosterMore details
Ultra-C Dermobooster
A fresh hydrating serum based on a highly bio-available form of vitamin C to increase skin radiance, boosts collagen production and brightens dull or hyper-pigmented skin.
Ultra-C DermoboosterMore details
Glysalac Dermobooster
This hydroxyl complex serum intensifies micro-exfoliation and refines the texture of the skin... reducing open pores, unclogging congested skin and uneven skin grain.
Glysalac DermoboosterMore details

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